FLIR CM VUE PRO 336 44 DEGREES FOV 6.8mm 9Hz 1c


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FLIR Vue Pro is a compact thermal-imaging camera that features internal recording capability for use on small commercial UAS (unmanned aerial systems). It includes a 6.8mm lens and captures 336 x 256 resolution images at 7.5 Hz in NTSC mode. The camera is designed for plug-n-play operation and features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to enable access to advanced settings as well as remote camera control in the field. There is also a desktop GUI you can use when a computer is available. A PWM port allows the camera to integrate with the host UAV's flight control system. It is then possible to operate the camera via the transmitter. An all-purpose mini-USB port enables data transfer from the card, powering the camera, and video output. Accepting 5 VDC power, Vue Pro can be adapted to power from the main flight battery with a suitable BEC installed.
On-Board Recording
Vue Pro records 8-bit digital video in MJPEG or H.264 formats along with 14-bit still imagery to a separately available microSD card. Data from the card can be retrieved either using a card reader or by connecting the camera directly to a computer using USB
Camera Control
An accessory port gives you access to two camera controls using PWM commands, so you can select color palettes, start and stop recording, or trigger the camera's electronic zoom in-flight using you transmitter (radio controller). Support for MAVLink is expected in the near future
Field Configurable
Vue Pro comes with a built-in Bluetooth module so you can easily configure your camera using an iOS or Android mobile device. Change color palettes, set your image optimization features, configure your PWM inputs, and start recording all without lugging a computer to the field
Compact Form Factor
Weighing around 4 ounces in its heaviest configuration, the Vue Pro is designed for use on smaller UAS platforms, such as those designed to carry an action camera. Flexible mounting points mean you can statically mount the camera or use a gimbal
Unified 10-Pin USB Connector
5 VDC power in, SD card data I/O, and video output all flow through a single, GoPro-style 10-pin mini-USB interface. The pinout configuration is provided in camera documentation to help make creation of custom solutions simpler
Flexible Mounting
The Vue Pro features a pair of M2x0.4 mounting holes on each side as well as the bottom and a 1/4"-20 threaded socket on top. Whether you want to static-mount it or put it on a brushless gimbal, Vue Pro can do the job
Plug-n-Play Operation
The Vue Pro is designed to work out of the box, without any advanced configuration required. However, if you do require custom settings, just download the Camera Controller GUI from the FLIR website to tap the camera's full potential



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MPN: 436-0021-00S


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