FLIR CM VUE PRO R 640 32degrees FOV 19mm 30Hz 1c


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FLIR Vue Pro R 336 Thermal Imaging Camera is a compact infrared imaging camera that can be attached to Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) for taking thermographic and radiometric aerial imaging. In addition to gathering infrared imagery and the ability to sense through fog and smoke, this version of camera can collect detailed radiometric data and non-contact temperature measurements from an aerial perspective. The 640 x 512 VOx microbolometer sensor delivers calibrated thermographic data embedded in every pixel of still images that it collects. This data can be later analyzed using the FLIR Tools or other optional software like ResearchIR, Matlab, ImageJ, Pix4D, and Drone Deploy. While in flight, you can control the camera via MAVLink (Micro Air Vehicle Link communicating protocol) flight controller and save video and images to an external micro-USB card. The collected data can also be extracted from the camera through a built-in mini-USB port.
For easy mounting to a drone, the housing offers several options such as a 1/4"-20 threaded socket, six M2 x 0.4 threaded holes (two on each side and on the bottom), and a detachable GoPro adapter with a snout mount. While mounted to your grounded aircraft, the camera can be easily configured wirelessly via its built-in low-power Bluetooth module using your iOS or Android device. While in air, the camera will allow operators to conduct search and rescue, agricultural surveying, and security missions at altitudes of up to 40,000'.
Applicators, Use, and Handling
Optimized for radiometric areal thermography
Captures accurate non-contact temperature measurements
Saves images with calibrated temperature data embedded in every pixel
Provides on-board recording and data storage on a microSD memory card
Captures JPEG and radiometric R-JPEG images for analysis with thermography and reporting software
Records 8-bit digital MJPEG or H.264 videos and 14-bit TIFF images
MAVLink integration and camera control through the 7-pin mini-USB accessory port
Allows remote control of camera functions like color palettes, recording, and e-zoom
Built-in low-power Bluetooth module allows configuration using FLIR iOS/Android apps
Applications involve search and rescue, agricultural surveying, and security
Useful for inspections of roofs, power lines, substations, and cell towers
Enables collecting of a temperature profile through smoke and fog
Imaging & Optical Performance
640 x 512 VOx microbolometer
30 Hz refresh rate
LWIR Spectral Range: 7.5 - 13.5μm
Radiometric Range: 32 to 104°F
Up to 4x digital zoom
Focal Length: 19mm
Field of View: 32 x 26°
Minimum Focus: 6.0"
Video, Digital Enhancements, Memory
Image optimization for sUAS
Region Of Interest (ROI) selector
Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)
Active Contrast Enhancement (ACE)
Smart Scene Optimization (SSO)
JPEG photos and MJPEG videos
Black hot/white hot, and other polarity modes
Default NTSC video output
Status and Bluetooth LEDs
Audible status indicators
32GB microSD card included

640 x 512 VOx Microbolometer/30 Hz
7.5 - 13.5µm Spectral Response
19mm Lens, 32 x 26° Field of View
Mini-USB Port/microSD Slot/Bluetooth


UPC: 812462021550

MPN: 436-0024-00



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